Hours of Desperation (s02, e15)

Season 2 | Episode 15 – Episode aired 11 January 1978

Three men rob a jewelry house and make off with some valuable gems. One of them grabs the jewels and tries to make a break for it. The other two show up at the office and pulls their guns and one of them makes Sabrina wear a belt that has explosives in it. They tells them that they want them to find their partner and bring the jewels to them. So Kris and Kelly search for the man. They start with the hospital because they say that when he was making his getaway they shot him and that he could have been hit. When they find him but he gets away, Kris and Kelly decide to seek out the guards who helped them with the robbery. Eventually with their help they find him but he’s dead and the gems are gone. Kris and Kelly along with Charlie devise a scheme to get the ones holding Sabrina and Bosley out of the office so they can save them.

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