Counterfeit Angels

Season 3 | Episode 14 – Episode aired 24 January 1979

The Agency’s in trouble when three women who claim to be “the angels” rob a place. The owner claims that Charlie called him up and said that his establishment’s security needs to be checked out so he sends “the angels”. But Charlie somehow gives the girls the heads up so they go hide while they try to sort the whole things out. It seems the whole things was engineered by an impersonator, who was the one who called the owner. It seems he owes a bookie a lot of money when what they got was not enough to cover what he owes he plans another job. But when the bookie learns of what he’s been doing, he tells him to pull another job but it seems one of the girls was injured in the last job. But when the girls learn the impostors are actors, so Sabrina goes to the agent and when he sees that she resembles their Sabrina–the one that was hurt, they ask to join them.

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