Kate Jackson

(Sabrina Duncan)

Nicknamed “Brie” by her co-workers, has a slight Alabama accent and is the most feisty of the three original Angels, as well as possessing the most unique sense of humor.

Sabrina is the “unofficial leader” of the Angels. She is the pragmatic and analytical member of the trio, speaks five languages, is considered an intellectual and approaches danger with the calm of the eye of a hurricane. She serves as a calculating professional. Sabrina was a more strategic thinker than the other Angels and acted informally as the brains of the operation. However, Charlie and Bosley still helped connect the dots. She was sensible, no nonsense, rough and brave. Sabrina was not only intelligent, she was strong and assertive and able to take charge of every investigation (which she always did). She had the dual role of being the “smart one and team leader” of the group and she carried it off with believability.

Sabrina tended to take “outside” covers, such as a reporter, photographer or employee. Meanwhile, the other Angels would approach a case from the “inside”, such as appearing as a bikini model, circus clown, or spa guest.

She was born Sabrina Blaylock. Sabrina’s father was a General in the Army. Before joining the Townsend Agency, Sabrina was an LAPD officer. She is the only Angel to have been married (her ex-husband, Bill Duncan, appears in two episodes).

A few years after joining the Townsend agency, she decided she had enough excitement in her life and decided to retire as an investigator and get married. When she was last heard from she informed Charlie that she had just given birth to a baby girl.

Farrah Fawcett

(Jill Munroe)

Little is known about Jill Monroe’s early life other than the fact that in the mid-1970’s she decided to go to the Los Angeles police academy and wound up graduating. Unfortunately instead of doing the same work as her male counterparts, her duties were limited to being a typist with endless paperwork to fill out.

However, sometime in 1975 she along with her two friends Sabrina Duncan and Kelly Garrett, who also were frustrated by the limited opportunities for female officers at the time, were hired by the reclusive millionaire Charlie Townsend to work for his private investigation firm, Townsend Associates.

While working for Charlie she would often go undercover in various guises that fit her beauty as well as athletic abilities such as a model, cocktail waitress, masseuse and even a roller derby queen. However, after just one year with the firm she decided to quit to become a race car driver.

Interestingly, she was replaced by her kid sister Kris who filled her big sister’s shoes quite nicely. However, even though she pretty much had “retired” as a private investigator Jill did return on occasion to help Charlie out on special cases.

Jill will always be remembered for her exuberant nature as well as her ability to be serious and the love she had for her fellow Angels.

Jaclyn Smith

(Kelly Garrett)

Little is known about Kelly Garrett prior to her joining the Los Angeles Police Department. However, what is known is that she was an orphan and that during her time in the orphanage she was physically and emotionally abused by the matron, a woman known only as Beamish.

However, she did grow up into a fairly well adjusted adult and decided to use her experiences to help others and wound up becoming a policewoman.

Even though she briefly worked in the juvenile division helping at risk youths, for the most part she was given menial duties and even worked as a crossing guard.

However, sometime in the mid 1970’s she was hired by reclusive millionaire Charlie Townsend along with her two friends, and fellow frustrated policewomen, Sabrina Duncan and Jill Monroe, who referred to them as his “angels”.

She is street-wise and tough, surviving countless car chases, kidnappings, explosions, fights and even two separate gun shot wounds to the head.

Just like her life prior to joining the Townsend Agency, little is known about her life after. However, when last seen she was giving advice to the a new generation of Angels.

Cheryl Ladd

(Kris Munroe)

Kris Monroe was young awkward kid in pigtails and braces and lived in the shadow of her more outgoing older sister Jill, who she idolized.

As she grew up she shed the pigtails and braces and grew into a beautiful young woman. However, the one thing that she really wanted to do was follow in her sister’s footsteps and become a policewoman. In fact, the girls’ uncle was a sheriff in a small town in Northern California. However, this displeased big sister Jill who wanted Kris to go to college. In fact, Jill helped pay for her college education and eventually Kris graduated and was about to go into teaching, but the pull was too strong and she went to the police academy.

However, unlike Jill, who went to the Los Angeles police academy, Kris went to the San Francisco police academy and graduated with honors. Unfortunately, like her sister, even though she had worked a few vice assignments, she was, for the most part given menial duties, including working the switchboard. However, about a year after she graduated from the academy, she was given a very life changing opportunity.

A few months earlier, Jill went to work for the very reclusive Charlie Townshend as a private investigator along with two other former LAPD policwomen; Sabrina Duncan and Kelly Garrett. However, Jill decided to quit the agency and become a race car driver. Charlie then contacted Kris and asked her if she would like to replace her older sister, to which she jumped at the opportunity.

For much of her first year on the job she tried to win the confidence of her fellow Angels and she developed a strong bond with Charlie’s right hand man John Bosley. At first she proved somewhat klutzy and on one instance she almost quit after shooting and wounding a suspected child seller. However, as time went along she managed to prove herself to her co-workers. However, the big test would come when she got to work side by side with Jill and eventually she proved herself to big sister as well.

Shelley Hack

(Tiffany Welles)

She was Charlies 5th angel, replacing the “smart unofficial leader” Sabrina Duncan, as the classy one. It’s fitting that Tiffany Welles was brought in to fill the vacancy left by the departure of Sabrina Duncan.

Sabrina had always been a classy, restrained woman compared to the more “girly” and bubbly Angels, and Tiffany was definitely a woman after Sabrina’s heart. Indeed, Tiffany, nicknamed “Tiff” by her co-workers, was even more refined than her predecessor, carrying herself elegantly and with aristocratic sophistication at all times. Tall, beautiful, smart and very classy, Tiffany brought an air of class and elegance to the show.

Unlike the previous Angels who are all from California, Tiffany is a native of Boston. She is more refined and educated than the others, pledging Kappa Omega Psi in college, graduating from the Boston police academy top in her class, playing the violin, and speaking Latin. Her father, Lieutenant Welles, is also a longtime friend of Charlie’s. And, while she jumped at the chance when Charlie offered her a place in his team, she eventually felt the pull of her native East Coast, and returned to the glamorous world she was brought up in.

Tiffany came from a very well-to-do family – her mother was a Latin teacher and her father a police chief who was an old friend of Charlie’s. She attended the Whitley College and was the President of Kappa Omega Psi and then joined the Boston Police Academy. Tiffany proves that it is her strength and not nepotism that got her foot in the door of the Townsend Agency.

She Studied in the field of parapsychology, Tiffany is also an accomplished violin and volleyball player.

Tanya Roberts

(Julie Rogers)

Julie is a native of the Bronx, New York. Her father abandoned her when she was young and her mother was an alcoholic; Julie was practically raised on the streets.

Julie had attended a modeling school, and was not previously trained to be a policewoman. Julie had previously had trouble with the law for various misdemeanors and had even served time. She was working with her probation officer, Harry Stearns (who had become a father figure to her), as an informant, when she met the Angels in Hawaii.

As a model, Julie was helping investigate a modeling agency; when the probation officer was killed, Kris and Kelly convinced her to assist their formal investigation. Julie helped clinch the case, and Agency owner Charlie decided to hire her on, assisting her in acquiring a “temporary Private Investigator’s” license while she was to study for the actual license.