Angel Blues (s02, e19)

Season 2 | Episode 19 – Episode aired 8 February 1978

A singer who had a breakdown while performing then walked off and disappeared for a few hours. She would then call her father telling him, she’s on her way home. But after calling him, some men grab her and then kill her by giving her drugs. Her father then hires Charlie to find out what happened to her. First the girls learn that she overdosed on heroin which is not the drug she’s known to take. They learn that she spent those hours she was away riding around in a cab. So Kris pretends to be a reporter and asks the cabbie who drove her around to take her where the singer went and once he shows them where she went; Kelly or Sabrina will find out what happened. After showing Kris her first stop and after talking to the man she saw, the one who killed the singer asks the man why someone is talking to him. That’s when there’s a struggle and the man is killed.

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