Publicity Photos Season 4

Publicity Photos Season 4

  • Loved Tiffany after her departure from the show, i stopped watching.

  • Love Charlie,s Angels 😇

  • I thought Shelley Hack was a great replacement for Kate Jackson. I will say I thought she seemed a bit “stiff” at first. She was a model before an actress and didn’t have as much experience as the others. I think her hair style and make up improved during her season as well. By the end of the season, I thought she was really coming into her own. I think they should have kept her around for the 5th season and gone opposite the “Magnum PI” scene and gone East to Boston to explore Tiffany’s world back east….I liked Tanya Roberts but I think yet another angel change, lost the momentum….

    • Glad to see you back to Charlie’s Angels posts. You make me feel young again (or old)! Mixed about that!

  • Angel delight