Publicity Photos Season 1

Publicity Photos Season 1

  • The original and the best………….

  • Three Best Oh Farrah 💕❤️😍

  • still the best

  • tres belle photo avec trois jolie filles

  • Pure elegance, class and beauty!!! The three best Angels of all!!! RIP beautiful Farrah.

  • Beautiful girls

  • I agree

  • The iconic Charlie’s Angels

  • la serie ” droles de dames “

  • i think they were all great, including Cheryl.

  • Kate is still naturally gorgeous 🔥💖✨🌟💫!

  • Definitely not from Season 1, though!

  • But it’s the season 1 trio though.

  • Original line up

  • This was before Farr died which was 2009 at an awards

  • This was at a celebration for Aaron Spelling, she was diagnosed 6 months later!

  • Awesome Ladies!

  • It was at a tribute but Cheryl should have been included. Longest serving Angel next to Jaclyn.

    • Steve you are definitely right. She saved the show from being cancelled. She was just the best replacement. When Kate left they should have stuck with just her and Jaclyn. They had chemistry on and off the screen. Real life time friends. True inspiration

  • This was a season I publicity season 1. This was from a tribute possibly at the Grammys years later to pay tribute to Aaron Spelling. It was only a few years later that Farrah passed away.